Sonic Jesus EP

by Sonic Jesus



Sonic Jesus is a neo-psychedelic band from Doganella di Ninfa,Italy.

It's Velvet Underground, raped by Spacemen 3, dressed in neo-psychedelia, folk imprinted and shoegaze nuances.
Their powerful wall of sound created by hypnotic melody and wild saturation of dark pulsating noise will take you on an unforgetable musical journey.

Artwork by Nonni Dead from Dead Skeletons

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Sonic Jesus, 2012. 

Tiziano Veronese
Marco Baldassari

Fuzz Club Record


released October 11, 2012




all rights reserved


Sonic Jesus Doganella Di Ninfa, Italy

“When I become death, death is the seed from which I grow.”

William S. Burroughs

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Track Name: Lost
Early days lost in the darkness
same sign to remember
mother's kiss and last goodbye
dream vanished in the sea

The wind whispers thoughts to forget
dawn of the morning painted red
down in the sea we will find the grace
Mass is pleased to be sung
Track Name: Underground
I hear your dog and god is over me like a fog
while two lovers seek the lord me and my mind over 13th floor
what you here?
what you hear?
chasing courage
is another love
another love
Track Name: It's time to hear
someone they brings the bells from the hills
on another shore from hole on the wall
gives and decides the mystic in you
are you the girl of my sins?
deep in sand,bright and red
this girl is born on the hill
it's time to hear
guess sonic year
it's time to hear
guess sonic year
anything she brings in fade on black
isabel dream floating unreal
when the hills maybe are reals
but i'm stoned of this girl my dear
for many years,kissing on ear
the bad trip is gone,is the end of this sound